Native apps are overtaking web apps on the mobile

[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”right”]Our analysis shows that, for the first time ever, daily time spent in mobile apps surpasses desktop and mobile web consumption. This stat is even more remarkable if you consider that it took less than three years for native mobile apps to achieve this level of usage, driven primarily by the popularity of iOS and Android platforms. – Flurry[/pullquote1]

The richness of native mobile applications means they are surpassing their web based friends as consumers become more particular about their mobile experience. The same happened when websites and web applications become rich enough, and offered sufficient convenience, to replace desktop applications.

What we will now see is an increased focus on delivering richer, and more meaningful, mobile applications that deliver true value to their users. Once the public become more cognizant of the potential of mobile applications, they will make greater demands of the businesses and other organisations that they deal with.

As cross-platform native application development becomes more prevalent, the need to build web applications to compensate for cross platform incapabilities will become less necessary. We will see native applications that are near identical across all major platforms.

The following diagram, taken from flurry, shows how native applications are overtaking web applications in usage on the mobile phone.

Mobile Apps Put the Web in Their Rear-view Mirror