Research and Development

Mobiliser is committed to the development of both processes and technologies to make it easier for companies to enter the mobile market.

The key areas of research we are currently focusing on include the following:

Developing repeatable processes than can be used to produce cost effective mobile solutions by focusing on these problem points:

  • Integrating continuous integration and techniques such as Behavior Driven Development into a mobile development methodology.  These techniques are fundamental to traditional software but not evolved currently in the mobile space.
  • Introducing solutions to cross platform challenges without reverting to non-native approaches.  Non-native techniques used to-date have proven disastrous to companies that have taken the leap and ignored all the complexities of the mobile space.   Regardless there is a opportunity to identify and solve these challenges and build the solutions into the approach.

Addressing the cost differential between native iPhone/android application development and traditional software development is also a major area of research for us.  We recognised that good mobile developers are expensive and there is good reason for this cost, however we do believe the cost can be reduced if appropriate thought and effort in put into solving this challenge.

This is just an example of the areas we are focused on.